Elkhart Lake Tourism Commission WI

Spend your vacation in the authentic lakeside resort village of Elkhart Lake, where being a RESORTER is not only a way of life but a feeling of belonging.

Vacation in Elkhart Lake and you'll soon discover what it means to be a Resorter. The crown jewel of the village is the spring-fed, crystal clear lake which remains as refreshing and unspoiled as when the very first visitors arrived by train.

Breathtaking resorts set amongst tree-lined shores are a complimentary mix of old-world class while offering a plethora of luxurious amenities. Indulge in a casual but sophisticated farm-to-table culinary scene where flavors burst with big city taste and style. At sunset, relax with the island vibe of the tiki bars that fill up with vacationers who ought to stay until the last song is played.

Time slows down here as the welcoming spirit of this little village takes hold. Visitors love that genuine sense of belonging when business owners welcome you by name and locals invite you to pull up a chair. Join us for a few days or weeks and you too will embrace this unmistakable RESORTER experience.

Visit Wisconsin's Elkhart Lake.

Elkhart Lake Tourism Commission WI

Contact Number: 877-355-4278