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KC is making big moves in the Midwest. It's time the center of the country became the center of attention.

There’s something happening in Kansas City. A new kind of energy. A revolution of creativity, music, food, art—and a renewed spirit in every neighborhood. It’s a bigger idea of what the Midwest can be. We call it the New Midwest. And it all starts right here. It’s time the center of the country became the center of attention.

Looking for some new ways to play? From arcade bars and art galleries to zip lines and zoos, Kansas City is quick to reward the curious mind. Enjoy fun-filled activities for the whole family, from roller coasters and rooftop hangouts to pickleball games and pup-friendly patios. There’s something on the menu for everyone. 

You might know Kansas City for its smoky, sweet and spicy barbecue, but its signature burnt ends are only the beginning. Taste KC’s food revolution in thriving markets, modern food halls, food trucks and fine dining outlets, with acclaimed chefs making dinner—and headlines. 

When you’re hungry for some culture, paint the town in this wide-open canvas brimming with vibrancy. Catch pop-up performances, sold-out shows and world-class art in both curated showrooms and unexpected alleys. First Fridays turn the creative Crossroads neighborhood into a celebration of art in the streets, with food stalls, gallery parties, impromptu concerts and much more. You’ll find KC has all the makings of a masterpiece.   

Speaking of which, KC is a city of makers, creators and collaborators. But they’re crafting more than just high-quality goods—they’re building a stronger community, too. Browse eclectic boutiques, quirky vintage stores and big-name favorites. In other words, it’s more than okay to shop around in KC. 

We invite you to join us to revel in the revival of the New Midwest. It might not have been a thing until we made it, but who better than us? We’re just taking our rightful place. Right where we’ve always been. Because that’s how we do Kansas City.


Visit Kansas City

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