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Top Four Wyoming Road Trip Itineraries

With 97,000 square miles of possibility, a road trip is the only way to pack in all the adventures of Wyoming.


Why is a road trip the ultimate way to experience Wyoming? Because with 97,000 square miles of possibility, you can't just stay in one place. So, to help navigate all that wide open space, Travel Wyoming has put together a four regional road trip itineraries. Each one will lead you through iconic parks, western history and outdoor adventures that make Wyoming a must-visit. 

Salt to Stone Route

If you're traveling from the Salt Lake City area, this route will take you along the Continental Divide Trail to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. It's a favorite for adventurers looking to see iconic sights and stretch their legs for a hike or bike ride. Other highlights along the route include Fossil Fest in June and Oyster Ridge Music Festival in July. Another favorite stop is Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area for camping, boating and cross-country skiing. 

Rockies to Tetons Route

Does your heart long for the mountains? Buckle up and take this route through south-central Wyoming to the state's northwest corner. Along the way, soak in the grandeur of the Snowy, Medicine Bow, Seminoe and Wind River mountain ranges. Favorite pit stops include Saratoga's hot springs and trout fishing, and the single-track bike trails of Laramie Mountains. 

Park to Park Route

Have a sweet spot for small town charm? This route delivers plenty of it, in addition to a variety of unique parks. Travel from the southeast corner of the state to the northwest and pull off to URL (vanity): TravelWyoming.com

soak in hot springs, sample pioneer history, learn about Wyoming's incredible dinosaur discoveries and stretch your legs on historic trails. Favorite features on the way to Yellowstone are the Wind River Indian Reservation, National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, and Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Drive through in July to experience the wildness of Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

Black to Yellow Route

The epic scale of the sights along this trek will provide a whole new perspective. You'll start at Black Hills National Forest and make stops along the way at national landmarks like Devils Tower National Monument and the Bighorn Mountains. Be sure to pull off for hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures on the vast public lands which span Wyoming's northern border from east to west. Step out of the car and into the Frontier Auto Museum or pop by the Durham Bison Ranch before making your arrival at Yellowstone. 

The west is still filled with adventures. The hard part is choosing which one to embark on first. For more itinerary details and to order a free vacation guide, visit https://www.travelwyoming.com/itineraries. Then track your trip on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ThatsWY.



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